LILA PIX designs and produces high quality silk scarves with a great degree of originality. The workmanship know-how is self developed and therefore unique in design and manufacturing.

Starting with the choice of top material, through self developed dyeing technologies or spectacular hand printed patterns and finishing with crushing by hand, the marvelous LILA PIX scarves represent truly the idea of wearing a piece of art on the shoulder.

The most of the LILA PIX stoles and scarves are made of precious Indian raw silk. This type of quality silk has a shiny double colour effect and is originally stained with natural pigments. In the latest collections there are fine cashmere-silk pieces as well.

The original LILA PIX patterns are transferred with screen printing process by the artist herself or small team of excellent craftsmen. The mixture of gorgeous brush drawings and very unusual combinations of the print colors lead to exceptional designs. Significant for LILA PIX are prints made with gold or silver color.

Inspired by the masterpieces of classical and contemporary fine arts, all of the scarves are designed and made exclusively by hand in the LILA PIX Studio in Vienna, Austria and branded with the original logo of the label. Because of the complete manual manufacturing, every artistic piece from each series has small differences and its own living history.

The LILA PIX collections include a variety of huge stoles, quadratic foulards, wide or narrow scarves and infinity loops. Those are fashion accessories, designed to convey an unforgettable appearance.

The accumulated experience of LILA PIX reflects on the design and the print technique of the scarves. The presence of quality, aesthetics and innovation in the LILA PIX collections is undisputed. It has been confirmed with growing international orders.